None of my speakers work

Discussion in 'Sound Cards and Speakers' started by dstebbins, May 19, 2015.

  1. dstebbins

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    I swapped a faulty Nvidia Geforce GTX 275 with a replacement Geforce GTX 275 that was supposed to be functional.

    However, I now have a new problem! there's no sound!

    I've swapped out every set of speakers I own, and I used both audio jacks (one in the front, one in the back). And no luck. I get no sound.

    I know I have a sound card, because I used to be able to play sound without any difficulty.

    The only thing I changed was the graphics card.

    What the hell is going on?

    Edit: I looked this problem up on Google. Everyone tells me to re-set the sound card to default (because, apparently, even though it's just a GRAPHICS card ... as in ... GRAPHICS ... the manufacturers decided to get cute, and have an overriding sound card in there as well ... a sound card that doesn't even work!).

    Well, here's the problem: here's what the sound menu looks like on my control panel:


    As you can see ... my default device hasn't changed. So, the problem must be something else.

    EDIT: I tried this method:

    But when I entered my bios and switched the onboard audio from "auto" to "enabled," guess what? It STILL DOESN'T WORK!
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  2. Darren

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    Disable everything in that window that isn't your speakers. Just right click and disable. Reinstall your audio drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's page. I assume that you have onboard sound that you're using?

    And keep the swearing to a minimum.
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  3. johnb35

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    Try doing a system restore to a different day and see if you get sound. Your sound properties is fine, no changes are required. It's possible you zapped the sound chip when replacing the video card. You can try getting a dedicated sound card and install it and it should work.

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