Notebook vs Desktop Gaming in 2020


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Im in the market for a new gaming setup in 2020 and for the first time in a very long time I dont have a very strong preference between a notebook and desktop set up. Previously mobility had always been key for me, but at this point it isnt a deal breaker.

In that context, I was wondering what the wise souls on this board are thinking in terms of how big of a gap they are expecting between notebook and desktop performance with the arrival of new nvidia GPU in Q1/2 2020? I will probably be throwing around $3500 CAD at the problem and if I can get a desktop that can tackle 4k gaming as opposed to a notebook that cant, I may abandon notebook gaming.


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The desktop side will always outperform the mobile side due to thermal/power constraints. Plus you don't pay as much of a premium for parts.

RTX3080 are rumored for like, June.