Ok to leave my 10 year old pc on at night?

It just goes into sleep mode. I think I heard for some reason it's safer to leave older pc's on more, would like some justification for that if true please!
Reason? Takes too long to boot up and 5 minutes is very valuable atm.
You have some other problems if it takes your PC 5 minutes to boot.

Wherever you received that from is bunk advice.
not just to boot, but to load up all the usual programs etc as well.

Okay, thanks. I thought it sounded BS.

WIll it make any difference to how much longer the components will last? Being asleep rather than turned off for 8 houirs a day?


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Not really, sleep is a pretty low power state. Even leaving them idle for long periods of time doesn't really have an impact on longevity. My systems are on most of the time, sleep is pretty useful to keep those RAM contents.


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Little late, but it's still good to do a full restart every once in a while. It'll clean out any sorta junk any programs left in the ram.


This may sound extreme, but I always turn my computer off at night, or when I leave the house with no one else at home. The reason for this is because one time I went to the store, which was right across the street from my house. I returned home to the smell of something electrical burning. I was horrified when I isolated this smell to my computer. As it turns out, my CPU fan died, and of course, we all know how devastating that can be.

Fortunately, in this instance, I was able to shut the computer down in time and the CPU did not suffer damage that I could tell, but ever since then I decided that I was better to shut it down than leave it unattended for an extended period. I've never had a problem since.