Old Laptop

Alon Zuaretz

New Member
So my gf has this old laptop HP pavilion dv2, it's really slow running win7 so I thought about changing its OS to lubuntu, heard it's a light OS that makes things easier for old computers.
My question is, Once I'll format her laptop and install the new OS, I'm afraid the drivers will be missing and things like speakers, mouse pad etc won't work. Am I wrong? If not, what can I do to make it work again.


Staff member
You can use a liveCD to see how it is before committing to installing it.

That thing uses an Athlon Neo so you'd probably be better off lighting it on fire.

A fresh install of w10 would probably help it out, but personally even getting a second hand laptop like sandy/ivy based would be a better cost/benefit than messing with the old junk she has currently.