Opinions on work laptops?


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I'm turning to the experts on this subject matter so hopefully someone is willing to lend a few minutes and a little insight. About 2 years ago, I purchased a HP laptop for around $300 due to a promotion at work that would cause me to work from home quite a bit more. Well, as it turns out, it's wayyy too slow to do what I need it to do right now - basically run some Microsoft office programs, Microsoft Teams meetings, email, and that's about it. Today was the last straw during our meetings when there would be a 5 second delay when muting and un-muting myself. I literally have nothing on the computer and a great connection to WiFi so it's been frustrating to say the least. Does anyone have any specific recommendations out there that would suffice for what I need it for without completely breaking the bank as I don't use it all day every day? If no specific models, what to look for hardware wise? Like I mentioned above, mainly used for Outlook, the occasional weekly video meeting, Office, and some word documents? Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you!


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Or perhaps I'm missing something with my current laptop and it should be more than sufficient to handle these tasks.
AMD A6-9225 Radeon R4 +3g 2.60 GHz
4.00GB with 3.89 usable
64-bit operating system x64 based processor


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The problem most likely because the cpu is only a dual core and you only have 4gb of ram. Minimum these days should be a quad core and 8gb of ram. Do you know what hard drive it has? If its not an SSD that could also be slowing it down. You really need to spend upwards of about 500 bucks on a decent laptop unless you go refurbished.