Optimising Hardware Performance

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by bapochick, May 10, 2004.

  1. bapochick

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    Hi all. I have an assignment that has examples of where to find the answer, but its in Windows 98 and I have Windows XP Home. Can anyone assist me to find the below 98 options, in windows xp?

    How free are computers system resources? (answer is in percent)
    typical role og machine
    does the actual use of your computer match the current setting File System Properties - Hard Disk?
    Is the setting for the supplemental cache size for your CD-Rom small or large? Is the 'optimise access pattern' set correctly?
    Will your computer system display graphics properly fif the hardware acceleration for your video card is on 'full'? Explain
    Is my computer set up to allow Windows to manage virtual memory?

    many thanks for anyone who can help me with any of these questions.

  2. evil.ducks

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    You can see How free are computers system resources are by looking at the processes tab on the windows task manager by pressing the the control alt and delete key or by right clicking in the taskbar/desktop baer and task manager and i believe you can see the virtual settings from within the systems properties on the advanced tab there is a performance option with a setting to change the virtual memory.

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