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    Someone gave me a laptop with the password to get in so no problem. I want to change the password so I go to Setting - Password - Change your account password - Change - So you put in your password in order to change the password however it tells me this is a Microsoft account which is a different password. I don't care about the Microsoft account. All I want to do is change the password to log into the computer.
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    Yes! If someone has owned and used the computer before, you really should reinstall the computer to get rid of all the potential malware, errors, and miss-functions that the previous owner experienced...
    But remember to save any files or documents etc. that you like to keep to another drive.. (ThumbDrive?)

    In start menu, click the "settings", Update and security and the option for reset,
    Select to erase ALL files and accounts...
    When it asks for a username, do not fall for the most usual beginners mistake, DO NOT TYPE YOUR USERNAME. Type PCAdmin or similar.. Giv it a decent password (or create a picturepassword or PIN)

    Then when you have installed the software you need to begin with, THEN you create your own useraccount and choose a regular account.. That you may connect to a microsoft-account that you created for your self..

    That way you are much safer on the internet, and you may use the PCAdmin account as a recue-account if something happens to your own account, s.a. you forget our password, your account gets corrupt or hit by a ramsomware etc...

    This way you make your new computer YOURS.. and your only...
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