pc keeps crashing when under load


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I recently build my first pc but it has a problem. It works fine untill I try doing something intensive like gaming. when I start gaming it ussually works fine for about 10-15 minutes but then the screen turns black for a couple seconds after wich the game continues with a very low fps for about 10 seconds, then the pc turns off and restarts. I have been monitoring the temperature and it never reaches 60°C. I know it isn't the motherboard because I have the same problem on 2 different motherboards.

my components are the following:

-ryzen 7 3700x

-msi rtx 2080 super ventus xs oc

- msi mpg x570 gaming edge wifi

-corsair h100i pro (2 corsair 120mm ll)

-cooler master mwe 750 gold

-corsair 3200-16 vengeance

-meshify c with 4 corsair 120 mm ll

and a word of warning: I dont know that much about pc's so i might be a little slow
Have you tried to look at the "View Reliability history"
That will show if there are any errors noted around the points in times that your computer has shown it´s errors....

Sometimes this might help you to identify the cause of the problems..
The slowdown sounds like throttling
When you say you monitor the temperature, are you monitoring both the GPU (msi rtx 2080 super ventus xs oc) and the CPU (ryzen 7 3700x)?
It's possible for one to overheat while the other is ok