PC running hot now.. could it be because....

I have the antec 900 case .. i moved the 120 millimeter fan i had bottom of the front side of the case up just below the cd rom so i would have a place to store PSU cables... could that be disrupting airflow somehow.. i mean where i moved the fan it blows directly at the cpu.. but there is a exhaust fan right above it.. im think that could be my problem.. should i just go back to the normal config?
I had a similar problem. I found in my case that my CPU didn't like to have the aux. cooling fan force air i into it but instead preferred to have the air exhausted out and away. If you intend to push the CPU to the max. go to a larger heat sink that can absorb/pull more heat from the CPU.


To be honest it sounds like you answered your own question. You did what you were supposed to, you tried 2 different setups and then took "data" on both. Now either try a different one or stick with the setup that had the best results (aka lower temps).