PC screen frezzes.



I builded my pc today, But I have problem, Windows lauches normally, But after few minute screen frezzes I cant move mouse or keyboard, But there are Light on keyboard and mouse.
My motherboard is hot around CPU. This little black boxes are Hot (watch picture).

Please help me with that.




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Sounds like cpu is overheating. Did you install the standoffs between motherboard and case correctly? Install the heatsink correctly?
Now my CPU fan start spinning fast, and there is error blue screen: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT
Are you able to post your pc's specs (Like what components you have)?
Specifically your CPU, power supply, motherboard, RAM, Any storage drives (like hard drives/SSDs)
That code usually relates to a CPU problem somewhere, especially overheating
Other than ensuring your cooling system (including thermal paste) is properly connected and placed, there are a few other possibilities
I noticed you have an Amd Cpu, is this a ryzen?
The latest Ryzen CPUs have been having issues with some recent motherboards that required a BIOs update for some-if you find (and mention in your specs) your motherboard's make and model, you can check their website to see if there's a bios update that is needed for your particular generation of CPUs
EDIT: 54C is actually a bit high for a CPU at idle
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Thank you for support. I found solution, i installed New version of Windows 10. I had old version and it seems that is not good supported with newest components.