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    Question 1: I downoaded a PDF off of a site and after I close it out I can't find out where it was put. It's not in docs, apps, nor books. How do I access it?

    Question 2: How would I go about editing a PDF on the fire. Nothing huge like graphical design, just inputting text on a PDF sheet is all.
  2. strollin

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    1. From the browser, click on Menu and select "Downloads", you should see the downloaded pdf there. You can also email the pdf to your KF, your KF has it's own email address that is something like [email protected]. If you go to Settings->My Account, your KF email address will be shown below your name. When the pdf is received (automatically) it will show up under "Docs".

    2. I doubt you can actually edit any pdf but you can find apps that can annotate and such. Search the KF app store for "pdf editor" and you'll get a number of hits.
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