Currently my pc has 16gb DDR3 ram, intel core i52600 cpu and geforce gtx 1080ti 4gb gpu.
Its and old system but still works well and has served me well over the years but it is time for an upgrade. In terms of regular internet use and gaming at 1080p how much performance gain will i get with 16gb DDR4 ram, ryzen 7 5800x and a rtx 3070 GDDR6 8gb. My ssd is a samsung evo 970 1tb m.2.
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I don't see a reason to upgrade then. Are you seeing performance issues now?


I couldn't find an i5 2600 either.

The OP needs to install CPU-Z and run that, but at a bare minimum, right click the computer icon ,a/k/a This PC, and choose Properties and look at exactly what his system has.


Thanks. Are you planning on playing newer games? I mean, I'm not understanding what your goal is for a newer PC, since the one you have currently is more than adequate for just about anything short of playing games or video editing.

I can think of lot's of ways to put your PC on steroids without getting a new computer. What make/model is your computer?

I'm in the process of tricking out a really crappy computer (not my own), and was going to add a sound card, so that would alleviate some processing power, and add a nice USB hub. If your really wanting to trick out an older computer, get an external sound card like a Focusrite Solo. Ok, that's expensive, but it's awesome if you ever thought about having your own Podcast. FYI: that crappy computer I mentioned only has like a 6 watt cpu. :p

Does your motherboard have a USB Type C port? Adding a USB Type C card would add lots of functionality. Note: the card has to be PCIe x4 (or higher technically), in order to have true USB Type C port. I've never actually seen a USB expansion card that was rated for more than PCIe x4.
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the only newer games im planning on getting is football manager and total war games
i was only thinking of getting a newer pc because i will be giving the older one to my son so he can learn computer languages and stuff like that he is very keen about computers and i would like to encourage him as best i can but i think im best using this one for light gaming and things like that
if you could recommend minimum specs in your opinion for programming and ethical hacking learning that would be great
in the future im hoping he gets a job using the skills he would learn
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Ahh, ok. That sounds nice.

I'm not into hacking, but I'd say a bare minimum system nowadays should have:

16 GB Ram
65 watt CPU or better
Radeon RX 480 or Gforce 1660 graphic card (Or something similar).
2 TB data drive
450 watt PSU, although 700 watt or better is ideal. 700 watts will pretty much handle any graphic card you can throw at it, short of 2 graphic cards, or some esoteric cards designed for video editing or rendering CGI.

I would also recommend a full tower case and a good motherboard brand. I've owned computers made with Gigabyte and Asus motherboards. There are other top brands too.

As of 2021, there is zero reason to have more than 32GB ram unless you have a specific need for more ram. Of course, I was just listing the minimum specs.
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If you're studying with CEH you should be able to leverage your GPU to speed up computational attacks like brute force or wordlist hashing, otherwise most of the concepts aren't really that computationally expensive. If you have some budget for extra memory you could run ParrotOS in a VM or something (that is my daily driver inside of a VM).