Photo comp - christmas


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I don't see how the dog is edited at all, maybe some hugh / sat changes or light balance, other than that, nothing...


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It just looks perfectly colored.
Not necesarrily edited.
Deep is sorta the word id use to describe it.
Nice job.


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vroom if it is such a problem i will save it and resize it for you :rolleyes:
(if your worried about confusing things on your photobucket you could just make a separate file )
we use 800 by 600 so every one can see the whole image on there screen and we make every one use the same size because then no one gets an unfair advantage for having a bigger image

just humor me for this comp then make a vote about it if you want :confused:
You guys aren't getting what I'm saying. I never said I wouldn't change it. I'm just waiting for my final entry, thats all. Also, I'm not worried about getting things confused either, just reread my previous posts to see what I was really saying.
I know we had a larger poll on what res you use, where there were a few 800x600 users, but I couldn't find it. However in this small scale poll no one voted for 800x600.

I'll pretend I didn't read that last line.
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if i recall right they were created for christmas cards
indeed it was and its are in no way edited it only has a crop

i meant make a poll on what size the submissions are going to be for the next comp for this one its 800-600 you can sort out what you wish to use after this one :confused:

i just noticed nobody but vroom has given an actually url with there image so if you could all do that aswell please :)


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buuuuuuummmmmmppppppp cmon guys we only have 5 pics and somebody still has to add there url


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My moms camera is a POS.
Then i was telling her how i really wanted a DSLR and shes like yup it was on your xmas list. Then for some reason i said that a cheap one was like 500$ and she was like OH wow. So im not getting one for xmas and my pic sucks. Haha, well it looks like ill have another day or so to mess with this thing.


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can we wait a couple more days...has it really been a week already?

I wish my parents would put out the presents lol. They wait till santa comes to put theirs out. Actually santa usually fills our stockings nad eats our cookies. Most presents come from my parents.

My vote goes to having the poll day after xmas (so i can get pics of my presents under the tree)


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meh i hate my pic but im not gonna get anything better.
Oh well...
Have we agreed its time to put it up?

Ill do it if you all are just too lazy. I just wanna make sure its time.