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I recently had to change the battery on my Asus laptop which has brought along the usual problems re-learning and re-doing things, I must've pressed the wrong option for displaying photo's when I hooked up my Canon A1400 it displays photo's in a way I would like to change, I've explored but have yet to find a way to change this, the first photo is what I'm presented with as soon as the camera is connected, the 2nd photo is what I've always been used to, how do I change this ?CanonUploadScreenDon'tWant.jpg CanonUploadScreenDoWant.jpg
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Search for "AutoPlay" (without quotes) in the windows menu. If it doesn't show up, search for/open control panel and search for "AutoPlay" there. It should give you a list of options like this(This was taken in windows 10 so your's might look a little different). Let me know if this doesn't work. You might have to do this with the camera plugged in. I'm not sure, but changing the removable drive setting might work too.

If this does not work, try searching for "default app settings" in the windows menu. Then scroll down to "photos" and change the default to the program you want.