Photo Tourney - PC Inurds


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I don't see how people can suggest this isn't photography or takes any skill. Its just another location for your camera to go and if you really want to it can take just as much effort to get the right picture.

In fact I spent quite some time trying to get one for myself to enter, I was trying to get a decent picture of my Di Novo edge keyboard from an angle using a short focal length to try and get a decent effect. All the while I was trying to take the picture just as you turn the keyboard power on as it lights up every light on the keyboard to good effect.

Sadly I didnt get the picture I wanted so decided to sit this one out but I can assure you I actually put more effort into trying to get this picture than I have put in with some of the pictures I have won a tournament with.

Some of the entries in other tourneys I am fairly certain have been nothing more than point and shoot and have taken as much if not less skill that some of the pictures taken in this thread.

If the topic isn't to your liking then its quite simple, ignore it and wait for the next one.