Photo Tourney Submissions!: Computer


Lets get the photo tourneys going again! I'll start.

This one is: Computers.

RULES: Not monitors, keyboards, setups, just the computer. You have to be able to see the computers guts. It CAN be from outside shooting inside, or just inside. Just make sure you see the guts of your computer.

You have to take a new shot for this one. No old shots, so get your camera out and see what you can do.

The submissions will be open for 2 weeks starting today. This should give every busy person here some time to take the photo without being too rushed :).

Voting will be open 1 week. All members should vote, there is NO voting for yourself.

The winner will choose the new subject, and will have 1 week before the next tourney starts.

I'm thinking we should limit the slots to 12?

On the side note, I would like to hear from those who participate in the contest, if everyone is willing to chip in say $5 to the winner. Myself included. If not that's fine, on my hand I think it's $5 a month and if you are good you will get it all back plus more just by winning one time.

Max 1 submission will be entered in the poll.

Get started! :good:

P.S, the reason for this subject is simple. You all seem to have some kick ass computers, and you keep fighting about them in post your pc thread lol. So here is your chance to show em off and maybe even win something :)

One more thing, there is no favoritism. It's 100% about the photo not who took it! ( yes you have to take it yourself lol )
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No, there will not be a monetary prize to the winner.

Let's stick with the same rules we've been using, with a slight change. Submission deadline is one week from today. I do like the 'new photo required' rule, so we can use that.

The rules are the following:

A tournament involves 11 different members max.
The winner of the last tournament will give a theme, and those who want to participate will post their pictures (Only one per person). Please, No more than eleven participants total.

When all participants have entered their picture in the tournament (please submit a link along with your picture), I will then create another thread to vote on the pictures via a poll. Located in the Off Topic sub forum.

Further Rules:
- No spot saving; you will only be counted if you have a picture submitted.
- Only one picture may be posted at a time, if you decide to change it, please edit the original post.
- No posting an image that has previously won a competition.
- When voting you are not allowed to vote for your own submission.

So in brief:
- Users who wish to participate please post your image within this thread followed by a link to the image source.
- If entering a slightly computer manipulated photo, please post the original along with it so users who are voting can see the difference.
- After eleven participants have entered the tournament, a second thread will be made with a poll to vote on the pictures.

Winners will simply be the one who gets the most votes (please no voting for yourself). He/she will then create another thread in which they propose a different theme for the next tournament.

Please resize your pictures to an acceptable resolution.
This tournament will have 5 days of voting.

You are permitted to change your image but if you could just change the URL in your original post and leave an edited comment with it.


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Good idea for the new shot rule but this theme isn't my thing and I don't have any good object to take pictures of :)


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Damn, I finally like the theme, but I moved into city to do my exams the next 3 weeks and all my pics are left on my desktop at home... Maybe you should do this one again next month? :p


Damn, I finally like the theme, but I moved into city to do my exams the next 3 weeks and all my pics are left on my desktop at home... Maybe you should do this one again next month? :p

If someone else chooses it lol :p Would be great if you can take a new pick sometime inbetween but if you can't that's totally understandable :good: :)


Wow people really... So because I make the thread no one posts. If anyone else would have you know you would be posting ;)