Picky Sockets


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Here is a question that I'm sure someone can easily answer.

When you plug a USB device for the first time into a computer USB socket, the device driver is installed and with luck a message pops up to say that it's installed. If unlucky, a message appears saying that the device could not be installed. Sometimes, the same device that was unsuccessfully installed on one USB socket will successfully install using a different USB socket on the same computer.

Forever after, the device cannot be used on one USB socket, but can be used the other. The first socket is unforgiving and there doesn't seem to be any logic to what makes a successful docking and what does not.

Is there any way of ensuring a successful dock the first time around, or alternatively, is there any way of telling the first USB socket to be forgiving and let the device have another go at a successful installation?

I'm sure there is a very logical explanation for this pickiness on the part of USB sockets, but it's irritating to be banned from using one socket for a particular device, since it's then necessary to remember which device likes which socket, or vice-versa.



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It's called a damaged USB port :cool:

I see it on customer computers because they're careless. But I don't have your said issues on my computer.


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Not so simple

Unfortunately not as simple as that. The USB socket that rejects one device is OK with other devices. I have experienced this on several computers and I am very careful about e.g. ejecting devices before unplugging them. Is there a log of which device has been installed using which USB socket? How do I access and reset that?


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Windows and USB drivers can be a funny thing. Uninstall the USB port that's giving you trouble in device manger. Reboot the computer and let it reinstall the driver and see what happens.