Playing a MAC file on W10 PC

I've got windows 10 on my PC. I have a neighbor that has a MAC using it for their security system. They gave me a USB drive to show the people trying to break in to their front door so I could see what happened.

I cannot convert the seven MAC .mp4 files to view on my PC. I tried converting the files to several other formats, but none will run on my PC.

I found a free program online called, Media Plater Classic Home Cinema, and I can play the MAC files on my PC. But only play, which is great to see the bad guys. in the seven MAC .mp4 clips.

How can I open those video files so I can copy and send the videos to the cops from my PC.
I also tried the USB in a W7 PC but the MAC mp4 video files will not play. I also tried Realplayer but the files will not play.


Staff member
You might need to have them read the instructions that came with their security system.

You can also try VLC player.
Media Player Classic Home Cinema that I downloaded will play all 7 Mac files. I can watch the bad guys in action using that program, but I cannot edit, or alter or copy and paste them. The neighbors security system limits the security recordings, like my security system does, to 25 seconds.
I want to combine the 7 recordings into one video but the Media Classic program cannot do that. The other editing programs I have cannot even open the Mac files. Other editing programs cannot even see the Mac video files. the Mac files are .mp4, but something is strange about them.

I know the police department IT division can edit any file. I just don't understand why I can't edit or convert the Mac files. I've got several excellent video editing programs but the Mac video files have stumped me.
Last night I downloaded the VLC player. It sees the Mac video files and pretends to play them. When I try to open a Mac file with VLC player a window opens and plays a blank screen with pause play stop and more, but there is no video.

The Mac files must be copy protected. Any more things to try?