Please help. Completed a terrible mistake.


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I patched my DIR 300 NRU B7 router to someone else's firmware. I have installed KEENETIC_START_2.04 (AAKV.7) C5.

In general, I wanted to fix the problems with the router. The Internet has often crashed on regular firmware. Now the Internet is falling more often. Out of 100 megabits, I get only 40. What to do now? How to return the firmware? I was just looking for a normal firmware.


If you can't afford to upgrade, there are some things you can try. You can default it to factory settings. read your manual on how to do that. Secondly many routers run on the warm to hot side. Make sure the router has plenty of ventilation and that nothing is blocking the vents. This can cuase it to lock up or do weird things when it gets hot. this applies to anything electronic, by the way. Also make sure that the cable that supplies the signal to your router is good and does not have any splitters on it. The recommendation is a single cable straight from the cable or phone company's feed/box. Every time you add a splitter, you decrease the signal by half or more, depending on the splitter. make sure all your connections are clean and not corroded. Take the connectors off and look at them. If they look dirty or corroded have new ones put on. Hope this helps