Plz help for Mini pc turn off signal


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Hey maybe someone knows when shutting down a computer(1) photo )where goes signal in motherboard? In push button no signal then (2)photo ) i am trying to get signal when normally shutting down pc to (make turn off switch)( pss push button works but i need that normally shutting pc be a signal) Thanks if someone could help


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geek 0001

Let me make sure I've got this straight: The pc turns on using the little microswitch that you circled, but If you press it again while the pc is running, it doesn't shut down?

Also, did you add those yellow wires or did they come with the pc?


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(Its shutdown then)but when normally from desktop start shutingdown then no signal in the swich onlly 3v always but i am trying to figure out how to get signal like from swich (when swiching 3v-0v) but with normall shutdown (yes add wires for Checking signal)


As I understand it the startup/shutdown switch simply short the connections together. So there won't be a specific shutdown signal at those terminals. You would need to look elsewhere to find a specific shutdown signal