PNY flashdrive not mounting


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Hello, I would like some help mounting my flashdrive to my computer. Its a PNY 128gb drive. The flashdrive was previously used for a time machine backup on a mac, and now that I've moved to windows I would like to use it to store pictures. When I plug it into my computer the drive does not show up in devises and printers, or in disk manager. I have tried more than one computer running windows 10 and multiple ports on those computers. I have no problems with other flash drives since they pop up and and are recognized pretty fast. I'm wondering if its a format issue since it was previously used in a mac for time machine, or the drive died somehow from being stored. I would like some things to try to attempt to get the drive recognized on my computer. I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 2018.


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If its formatted as exfat than windows should recognize it. You will probably need bootable software that will format the drive as ntfs.


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Does your computer have a cdrom drive? You can create the hirens boot cd, it has a few utilities on it that can accomplish the format.

Download, unzip it. and then create the bootable cd using the image file at the bottom of the directory.

A couple utilities would be parted magic, gparted. There is also a usb format tool included.


You should be able to reformat the drive using diskpart
Insert the USB drive
go to the start search box and type cmd
Choose "run as an administrator" in the right hand pane
type diskpart
list disk
a numbered list of the drives present will be shown
select disk "n" where n is the number of the USB drive
type clean
You can now type exit, the drive should now be recognised as an unallocated drive and can be formatted
Make sure you select the correct drive otherwise the wrong drive will be erased


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If you don't care about data on the drive just make a Simple volume on it in Disk Manager (Start -> diskmgmt.msc), of which you can format with a NTFS file system.