Popcorn For Videos On MacBook


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I use a MacBook. I remember back, over a decade ago, when you could insert a disk into the MacBook to install and/or use software. I remember buying this software program called Popcorn for the MacBook I was using back then. With Popcorn you can copy videos onto your hard drive and you can modify videos and do all sorts of stuff. Popcorn worked with Youtube videos and with other videos as well I believe.

Anyway, its been quite awhile since I've used Popcorn and today in 2020 you're not going to find a disk that has popcorn on it at any stores. Now days people buy and download software off the internet so I was wondering if Popcorn is still in good use today, if people download and use it, and if there's other programs out there like Popcorn that can be downloaded and the sites at which to find them.