Possible hack (files on computer I didn't put there)

Chris Robertson

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I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this thread and if there is a better place for it to be then please (mods) move it to the best place for the most answers.

I have run into an issue with my work computer and might get fired. I need advise and information from anybody that is able to give it to me.

I have been accused of illegally downloading movies and saving them on my work computer. I have never downloaded a movie in my life and wouldn't know where to start. I'm not very tech savvy.

I need to defend myself and explain how the files could have gotten there but I have been specifically instructed that I am not allowed legal advise. I don't have access to the files, have not been given any information on them, other than a screenshot showing them in my document folder.

The computer is encrypted but other people do have access to it when I'm in work. My husband says that it might be possible that if somebody was charging a cell phone or transferring files from a usb stick to an SDS while I was logged it that it could be possible that something is left behind. Is this true? He also says that It might be possible that it could have been an accidental file transfer while charging a phone. He said something about "autosync" He doesn't know what he is talking about either but he knows more than I do

Are their any other ways files could end up on an encrypted computer that others have occasional access to?

I'm grasping at straws and don't know what I'm talking about or how this happened. I'm just looking for direction so I can give possible ways this may have happened without my knowing.


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Not sure which country you're in. You should be protected by law that you're innocent until proven guilty. And the burden of proof lies on your employer.

Unless you're are the only person who has access to your computer, anyone in the network, with some computer smartness, can transfer files among computers in the network. This should be your point of argument.


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There might be download history as well on the computer's internet browser. That may provide some useful information.
The workplace should secure the computer and perform a computer forensic examination of your data..
This is the only way they are able to investigate your computer without ruining evidence, (that is without changing logs, timestamps and so on including saving the rights etc.)

If they don`t, they should not have any legal grounds to fire you.. Not i Europe anyway..

You have done right by not having accessed these files.. And thinking about it: They showed you a screenshot of the movies..
But can they prove that the screenshot really was from your accounts folder? (Not without a computer forensic investigation)

If this is true, it sounds like they acted before they had all the real evidence.. And perhaps gotten something wrong..