Power and memory problem on my laptop

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by Aljaz, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Aljaz

    Aljaz New Member

    Hello, so i have a problem with my Dell alienware laptop. Today the computer wouldnt turn off when i pressed the shut down button the screen went black but the computer instantly turned the screen back on, tried with manual way by holding the turn on button and it had the same result. The second problem (might be connected with the first) the computer a lot of times uses 13 gb of 16 gb memory but im not running any apps or games. So when i run a game the computer is realy slow and the games are unplayable. Does anyone know any tips on what to do, thanks! Oh and the computer is 3 months old.
  2. _Pete_

    _Pete_ Active Member

    If your computer is only 3 months old then it will be under guarantee. Get Dell to sort it out. If you do anything it will invalidate your guarantee.
  3. DMGrier

    DMGrier Active Member

    Could be some kind of hardware failure that would be covered by a warranty but sounds more like a possible infection on your machine. What AV are you using and have you ran a scan recently? Also what third party tools do you have installed? Where do you usually get your third party tools? Also, did you notice the problem after installing any third party tools?

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