Power light turns on but nothing inside turns on

I'm not very good with computers but I have a custom built gaming PC that has worked very well for me for quite some time now but recently has stopped turning on. I press the power button and it lights up but nothing inside "whirrs to life" so to speak. No fans nothing. I replaced a fan in it about a month ago and it didn't happen for about a month But now it's happening again and I don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated.


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Did you build this yourself? Usually this is a sign of motherboard shorting out or something else. Did you put the standoffs between case and motherboard in the correct spots? All the parts compatible? Motherboard support the cpu? Brand and model of power supply?


I could be a faulty PSU but equally a faulty motherboard, RAM etc. You will need to take it to a tech unless you have a source of replacement parts to test.