power problems with Toshiba Satellite A205-S5855, randomly shuts off

Discussion in 'Computer Cases, Power Supplies and Cooling' started by elmer91, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. elmer91

    elmer91 Member

    sorry to bring up an older thread, but the problem went away on its own, about 2 months ago. and well, today, the day after the warranty ran out, it starts shutting itself off again. the only thing i did today was re activate photoshop. why would it stop for 2 months and come back again?
  2. Carlos Benitez

    Carlos Benitez New Member

    I have a different type of problem w/ my Toshiba A205 S5855. It repeatedly enter the letter t if, for example, I am in a word processor or email prog (which is often). Then, when it is done with t (usually for about a page to three pages), it will not enter t at all for another few minutes before repeatedly entering t a little later. It usually happens when the machine has been running a while and is hot - even tho I always keep the machine on a fan. I have done all kinds of virus scans (found nothing), disk cleanups, etc... to no avail. Then yesterday, I was talking to a friend who has a similar Toshiba model, and his does the same thing, except with the letter L. Has any one else had a similar problem with Toshiba Satellite A205s?

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