Power Supply for Monitor


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First off, please excuse as this may be a 'stupid' question as I have little electronic knowledge. I have an AOC monitor and have just worked out the power supply is faulty. It is a 12V, 3amp transformer. I have been given one to try that is 12V, 2.8amps and the monitor works fine. I cannot keep this one and was wondering if a 12V, 5amp transformer would be OK. I'm just not sure how critical the amp rating is. Any help would be appreciated. Thankls


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Its pretty critical. You dont want to mess with it. If its rated 12V 3amp, you should buy such a power supply and nothing else.


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I'm not saying going out of spec will blow anything but it's always wise to stay in spec.
Sabrent makes power supplies for stuff like this. They are cheap, decent quality, and they make one for EVERYTHING.


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How u no dis?
Its basic electrical principles. Amperage is a factor of voltage (fixed variable) and wattage. The wattage required by the monitor will not change from one PSU to another and therefore the amperage requirements will be the same. So having a larger PSU you will not matter as it will only draw the same amperage either way. Important that the voltage is the same, and that the PSU is equal to or larger than the requirements.