Power supply making weird noises!


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Hi everyone!!,

I have this old power supply in one of my systems and it has come to my attention that weird noises where coming form the pc.. it kinda sounds like a bad hard drive but i installed new hard drives not even a week ago. its an low power system with a low power gpu so i don't think that its the coil wine coming from the gpu. In real life the noise is even louder and it seems to be coming form the power supply is this okay? I have attached a video with the noise and the picture of the power supply unit. Even when there's no load the noise keeps coming from the power supply.

The Noise Video:

Thanks for reading have a good day!


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If its definitely the power supply then replace it. It doesn't matter if it's a low power consumption computer. Power supplies can and will make noises when they are bad. Those hp units are cheap anyways.