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    Hi, i got an odd problem.
    I just build a PC with AMD 2100 + proces, 512 MB RAM, AGP 4x/8x vidio card, 430 W power supply and installed PCI modem V.92. When RJ cable is pluged in modem or, in another words, PC are connected to phone, then when ever phone rings, PC powers on by itself. I did check BIOS for "ring and wake" settings (disabled). I have to mention that last nigth after just putting together PC, when i powered Pc it booted, was loading Xp and at the point when the OS is loaded and last beep rings & icons on desctop is initializing, it shuts down and reboots...so on keeping loop all the time. I guessed that it might be power supply, so i discontcetd CD drive, floppy and sound card...it seemed to work well till now when the phone rings, it starts boot up itself. Although i did not yet contect power cord back to CD drive and floppy drive thinking that it will bring up the previous problem. This is my first time building computer...so far great fun. Well, any advice is very much appreciated.
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    Sounds like you got messed up motherboard, I had the same problem once too. Got really annoying. Once i exchanged the motherboard, phone calls didnt get me pissed off anymore :D

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