Preventing Facebook from collecting metadata?

Discussion in 'Internet Discussion' started by Keta, Apr 21, 2017 at 1:20 AM.

  1. Keta

    Keta New Member

    Is this even possible.
    I must admit, it's almost impossible to replace Facebook. That's just the truth.
    There's some pretty good offers on an alternative, but it's not quite the same feel.

    Is there any way, it's possible to somehow prevent some or all metadata to be collected by Facebook and 3rd parties?
  2. _Pete_

    _Pete_ Member

    noun: metadata; noun: meta-data
    1. a set of data that describes and gives information about other data.
    I am not data therefore the data collected about me is just data. The only way is to stay off the internet. Everyone and their uncle collects data about every individual who uses the net. As I said if you do not like your personalities being harvested then stay aweay from the web. And as for it being "impossible to replace Facebook" that has to be the biggest load of cobblers I have heard in a long time.
  3. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Well-Known Member

    Preventing Facebook from collecting metadata?

    Good luck with that. The whole damn site is based on metadata.

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