Prices - Consoles vs Gaming PC's?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and Consoles' started by xTobyMc, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. xTobyMc

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    I hear so often on the internet console gamers who's only argument against PC gamers is that it costs too much. Below I have organised a rough estimate of what my Xbox 360 has cost me over the past few years, just because I thought it'd be an interesting experiment to have a look at.

    Xbox 360 Slim Console: £200
    x3 Xbox 360 wireless controller: £96
    Xbox Live membership for 4 years: £120
    25 games purchased brand new at around £37 average: £925
    10 Used games purchased at an average of about £12: £120
    Turtle Beach Headset: £40
    TV (which may/may not be included in this): £520

    In total that's approximately £1,901 or £1,381 not including the TV.

    Now I understand that this is entirely an estimate over a fair period of time, but when you look at it like that, it is a huge amount of money. You could build a decent gaming PC for £700-800 if you knew what you were doing, and monitors/games are much cheaper compared to Xbox, not to mention the graphical advantages. The only disadvantage is that you have to upgrade your PC from time to time...

    What are your thoughts? I've tried not to be biased here, I'm just trying to portray a point.
  2. wolfeking

    wolfeking banned

    Thing is though, you don't have to upgrade your computer that much, as there are a lot of console ported games for computer. You can get by with a GTS250 or 9800GTX and a core 2 duo if you don't care to play the newest best games in DX11.

    The main advantage of a computer is that it does not lock down (RROD) when it overheats, and it can do so much more. After all, you can't watch a video while working on word at the same time on an xbox, now can you? And if you should stop gaming, you can repurpose the computer, the xbox, not so much.
  3. SuperDuperMe

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    PC - with all Accesories, monitor etc .... £800 for something semi decent, average price of brand new games for pc is £30 or less = around £750 for 25 if you assume all games are £30 ( greenmangaming always has 20-25% off brand new titles so generally theyre around 24 quid but for the sake of arguing we shall assume £30)

    £1550 total, (dont get many used pc games but in terms of steam sales etc or humble bundles could probably buy another 100 or so games for what ever is left over the 4 years that the xbox live membership is.)

    The way i see it is if you buy a pc now at this moment in time, your set for a good few years if you dont want cutting edge for ever. By this i mean, yes xbox is 200 quid. But its due to be replaced in the next couple of years and then your gonna pay upwards of 300 quid for a new console. Not to mention new games for next gen will cost more (can be seen with wii u now - average new game cost in GAME is 45 quid.)

    People say console gaming is cheaper. In the short run it probably is. But the amount of longevity you get out of a decent pc is massive. Plus with the intro of Indie friendly services (greenlight, humble bundle) you get a plethora of games for uber cheap.

    DISCLAIMER: This post may confuse you, iv recently give up smoking and my head is up my arse. Read carefully :p
  4. lucasbytegenius

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    Actually, when a computer does overheat, it does either lock up or shutdown. Not much of a difference there.

    But yeah, I totally prefer a PC over an XBox. Games are much cheaper, there's tons of legally free ones, and you can do so much more with it.
  5. Virssagòn

    Virssagòn VIP Member

    YUP^^ :D
    I don't mind it is more expensive! PC is just better, if you got a gaming pc you'll also have a fast pc for all the rest you can do on it, what you can't on an Xbox.
    Second reason, because I like building and working with and on it.
  6. spirit

    spirit Moderator Staff Member

    I own both the 360 and a gaming PC and personally I much prefer my PC. Everybody has their own opinions though.
  7. wolfeking

    wolfeking banned

    you missed the point though. Computer overheats, it throttles processor speed and voltage to fix it. It does not BSOD, or crash unless you run into a serious heat issue, as in no heatsink, or completely blocked heatsink.

    On top of that, once you fix it, it will run. Overheat an Xbox and you get RROD, and you have to send it in to get it fixed. No way to just replace teh fan or blow it out. The RROD is a permanent error.
  8. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    The only downside I can see to PC gaming is most of my friends have an Xbox. Also trading games isn't really possible but Steam Sales are so frequent with stuff stupidly cheap that's a non issue.

    PC has way games with a lot of cheap and even free ones. Also you can multitask and use your PC as you would a regular PC.

    Something a lot of people don't think about is they're going to need PC anyway.

    $400 dollar PC + $200 for a new console would give you a plenty capable system of the same price that could play all new games at high settings and last for several years.

    And building is Fun! :D

    Edit: Why do I always type stuff in one liners?
  9. Ankur

    Ankur Active Member

    Before I used to play consoles just for the sports games, but now you can attach a controller to your PC and have it your style.
    Also overheating is a bigger problem on consoles than PCs, even if PC overheats, its recovery is better than consoles.
    One more thing, games cost less for PC (at least for me) than consoles, almost double.
  10. spirit

    spirit Moderator Staff Member

    PC games are cheaper here too, that's one of the reasons why I switched to PC gaming.
  11. zombine210

    zombine210 New Member

    I play mostly shooters and can't aim worth shit on a PS controller.
    i did play GT3 & GT4 on the PS2; bought the 5th, but i don't own a PS3.

    so, another nice thing about PC gaming is you can still play all your old games!
  12. epidemik

    epidemik Active Member

    The main thing consoles do better (the only reason I have a console) is local multiplayer. It's much easier and efficient to have a friend over and just pick up the second controller and play Halo or NBA 2k than it is for them to lug over their PC and setup a small lan party.

    Also, in my opinion, the environment is different which gives the experience a completely different feel. Laying back on the sofa vs sitting up at a desk is completely different. One isn't necessarily better than the other, just different types of games (imo online FPS should always be done on a pc) fit different environments better. Because of this, PC vs Console is not comparing apples and oranges but maybe oranges and tangerines (if that makes any sense...)

    From a expense standpoint, I'd guess that you probably end up paying the same amount for a console as you do a PC.
  13. G80FTW

    G80FTW Active Member

    The RROD is a permanent error because it basically means you either fried the chip or the connecting points.

    I have owned 2 Xboxs (one from 2005 and one from 2007) and neither one ever had a problem with heat. Iv never owned one of the new ones, but I think they fixed the problem.

    Also, I think the point your REALLY trying to make is that there should not be a heat issue gaming with PC if built correctly the cooling is much more efficient than that of the Xbox and thus should lead to no overheating issues.

    Also, to comment on the post above me about the environment:

    I have a 360 controller and of course HDMI connectors on my PC which means I can hook it up to any TV in my house. As of right now its hooked up to my living room TV. So for me, the environment of my Xbox versus my PC is almost exactly the same, just with better graphics :) And I also have a wireless keyboard with a touchpad which makes the desktop inputs alot easier than having a corded keyboard and mouse to lug around.
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  14. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    I was over at a friends house playing on his Xbox. I took out the disk and set it on top of the machine. He quickly told me to take it off. Apparently he's melted his game discs before by setting them on top of the Xbox. This is one of the newer redesigned Xbox.

    Efficient cooling... ha... good joke.
  15. G80FTW

    G80FTW Active Member

    Thats impossible, sorry. Since the case is made out of plastic, the case would melt long before the disc would.

    Not only that, if the case was somehow hot enough to melt the disc, pretty much the entire console would be fried and useless. As the case would have to be 600c, meaning the internals would be 600c plus. I dont think ANY chip could survive that for any period of time.

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