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Discussion in 'Internet Discussion' started by jazzband4ever, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. jazzband4ever

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    hey, my computer is not allowing my internet to go threw it, in our house we have two computer that go threw a router to connect to the internet, my computer and our house computer, and then we have two laptops that connect wirelessly. all other three computers have the internet fine, but mine doesn't work. i have like a partial internet connection, i can access smaller things like aim, msn messanger, and a program called steam, but i can't open up my internet browser, it tells me the server can't be found. so what i did was bought a wireless card and the same problem occurs, i dont understand what is going on, is there a setting on my computer that i might of turned on by accident that is not allowing my comptuer to recieve internet. o yea, when you go into the status thing, it says i am sending like 40,000 packets, but i am only recieving like 2000. it is running at 100.0 mbps so i really dont know what is going on, i am running win xp if that helps. thanx for any help.
  2. polaris500ho4x4

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    open internet explorer... tools....internet options click the privacy tab... what is that set at?
  3. TonyBAMF

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    I found two things that almost always solves my problems.

    1.-Perform the PC dance ritual to give you computer more spirit, say PLZ work, reboot.
    2.-Format C:
  4. Buzz1927

    Buzz1927 Digaredd

    How is being sarcastic going to help? This is supposed to be a help forum.
  5. kof2000

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    if it is partial connection it may mean that your other computers in the house are using up all the bandwidth.

    or if you are wireless with the computer try going next to the router and see if you get your full connection.

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