problem with mouse cursor windows 10 pro

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by tremmor, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. tremmor

    tremmor Well-Known Member

    Wife starts computer and after 1 min the cursor wont move anymore if im logged in.
    If you restart computer and wait 1 min without logging in the cursor will stop moving after a min.
    Changed usb ports front and back same thing. install two other mouses i have and same thing.
    Any suggestions? thanks

    Its about 30 sec. then freezes.
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  2. _Kyle_

    _Kyle_ Well-Known Member

    Try updating the drivers for the mice.
  3. wingman99

    wingman99 New Member

    Does it boot up into the OS? Try looking at task manger with keyboard shortcuts and see if there is a program running that is locking up the hardware.
  4. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    What about the keyboard, does it work? If.not you can probably assume the system is locking up.on you, not just the mouse Hdd may be going out or something corrupted
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  5. tremmor

    tremmor Well-Known Member

    Ok.......its working. I played with it for quite a while. think it was fixed when i took it to another date. was also playing with some settings. not sure what did fix it.
    its working right now. but thanks.

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