Problem with Wavlink AC600 outdoor wi-fi range extender - any ideas?


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Hello everybody!

I have a problem with Wavlink AC600 outdoor wi-fi range extender.
The range is great and works well but all devices keep on reconnecting.

Example - my iPhone (or any other device) connects to WiFi but soon it reconnects again, and again... No errors, but slows everything down.
At the same time my other WiFi is working just fine.

Any ideas what I shoul do? Some setups?
All ideas welcome! Thanks in advance!


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That really not a brand name product. Might want to contact them for support or buy a brand name. How far is the extender from the router?


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It's from China, can't really get any answers from there, ha haa.
How far? Well, it's connected with Ethernet-cable, maybe 1,5 meter long cable...


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Do you have it in repeater, AP or router mode?
What router do you have? Are you honestly connecting both the router and the extra AP 1.5m away from each other?

Keep in mind the radios on that thing are pretty low grade, 1 spatial stream per band (150 Mbps @ 2.4, 433 Mbps @ 5)


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Thanks for the answers, good stuff. Thanks!
I really do not know much about these things.

You see, I have this office and the ”basic” wlan covers the whole building. But outside, on the yard, I have troubles. My plan is to put the extender outside, on a tall mast. I hope that will cover the quite open yard well. Already now, this extends the wlan pretty well - up to 100 m radius. But, it keeps disconnecting/reconnecting.

Now I swapped the setup from ”AP (LAN Bridge)” to ”. Maybe that helps?
I don't have the slightest clue is this okay?