problems moving mouse between vertical monitors

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by Jonathan Nobles, Jun 15, 2018.

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    I recently received my Alienware Aurora and set it up in my home office. I have a triple screen setup with two monitors mounted vertically above and below one another,and the third monitor on the left of these two in portrait mode. The two vertical monitors are both in landscaped mode. The bottom landscape monitors is my main display and is designated as monitor 1, the portrait monitor to the left is designated monitor 2 and the top landscape monitor is designated monitor 3. All three monitors are connected to the Aurora via display port.

    Now, I have my displays set up, and they are all working, Window 10 is even showing the right layout in the display settings. However, when I try to move my mouse from the main monitor 1 up to monitor 3 it doesn't work. I can move left onto the portrait monitor 3, move the mouse upwards, and then move the mouse back to the right onto monitor 3, but moving between 1 and 3 directly is not working. The weirdest part is that I am capable of moving pages between 1 and 3, like open chrome browser's and what not, but it will only move the open page and leave the mouse in the original monitor.

    I'm just not sure what other settings i an try here, and any help would be greatly appreciated as i won't really be able to enjoy my new setup until its fixed.

    Thanks in advanced.
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    If you open windows 10 and go to search and type "rearrange multiple displays"

    Do you see all your monitors set up the way you want and are you able to navigate within that screen?

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