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Discussion in 'Computer Games and Consoles' started by macguy2, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. macguy2

    macguy2 New Member

    I'd like to get a new gaming system. I'm leaning toward the PS3 because I like Sony and used to have a PS2. I understand that the new PS3's are not backward compatible with PS2 games so I'm looking at a new system. What are the pros and cons between PS3 and XBox? Which has the best games?
    I'm looking for some helpful and objective feedback.

  2. Calin

    Calin Well-Known Member

    XBox 360 has better graphics and specs.
  3. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    Nice try, but this is wrong and wrong. The PS3 is more powerful, however graphics wise, they are both as bad as each other.

    Either system is good. I have all of the current gen consoles and really they are all decent (except the Wii, not touched it in about a year and half). I use my PS3 most, however that isn't because it is better, it is because it is set up to the TV in my bedroom, so I will watch films/shows through it in bed. The 360 is in my living room where we have cable, so the Xbox is just for games, which I use my PC for mainly.

    Graphics and performance wise, no difference between the two.

    Games wise, that is personal preference. The only 360 games I am bothered about are the Gears of War games, with PS3 I prefer GT5 to Forza, I love inFamous and Resistance so games wise, I would take the PS, but like I said, it is personal preference. Look at the games and see which appeals to you more.

    Consider too online. Firstly with gaming, it is free on PS3 whereas it is subscription based on the Xbox. Some argue that the 360 online is better, however I think that depends on which system your friends have. If all your friends are on a PS3 and you have an Xbox, you have nobody but the crying 12 year olds to play with, so which will be better then? Likewise with the consoles swapped.

    There is a subscription option for the Playstation store, however it is much cheaper (I just paid £30 for 12 months) and the benefits are greater imho, seeing as how you get free games from it and large discounts on others.

    Consider other services too. Whilst the 360 does have the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm so you can stream TV and films, you have to be an Xbox Gold subscriber to use it, so on top of your monthly payments to Netflix/Lovefilm, you have to pay Microsoft to use it on your console. The PS3 on the other hand has them as well and you can use them for free (after the service subscription to Netflix or Amazon).

    I think it really comes down to what you want from the console:

    Is it going to be a media centre rather than just a games console? - Go PS3 every time

    Is it going to be used just for games? - Either, they are both equally as good. Look at the selection of games and take whichever is better for you
  4. Troncoso

    Troncoso VIP Member

    I like the attempt to be neutral. But, we see what you really go for.
  5. alexjb

    alexjb Member

    I have both of them, and I love them both - if I'm honest I play on the Xbox more as most of my friends do, but the Playstation 3 is just as good and the online is free :) So when I have no Xbox live I use my PS3 :) Also if you buy the original 60GB PS3 you can play PS2 Games on it :) I got one, and love some PS2 games they are great, I have had it for about 4 years :)
  6. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    I would choose my PS3 over my Xbox every time, however that is only because I use my consoles mainly for a media centre rather than gaming, like I said right at the start. My uses mean that the Playstation is the better option for me, but it isn't for everyone
  7. Geoff

    Geoff VIP Member

    Specs and graphics aren't what most people look for in a gaming console. It's about the variety and titles of games, the online experience, and what your friends have. Personally I prefer the Xbox 360 for it's excellent online gaming service, and most of my friends use it.
  8. spirit

    spirit Moderator Staff Member

    I have an Xbox 360. It's decent. Has nice controllers. Plays original Xbox games too (some of them). What else can I say? Not touched it in a while though because now I only game on the PC.

    Most of the popular titles are available on both platforms anyway.
  9. Turbo10

    Turbo10 Active Member

    Id say xbox over ps3, ps3 has a pitiful amount of games. Either way they are both pretty bad :p
  10. Masterfulks

    Masterfulks New Member

    Welcome to 2007...Just kidding.

    Since these systems are winding down you have the benefit of 6 years or so of games. If you want blu ray then go PS3.

    If blu ray isn't a factor then do a search for which exclusive games the systems have. See which exclusives look more interesting to you and go from there.

    They both are great systems and if you are new to them then you get the benefit of years worth of games at discounted prices. Most of the big games come out on both systems so you're covered there.

    The soon to be Christmas season will have some great deals so you should probably wait a month to decide.
  11. G80FTW

    G80FTW Active Member

    A little contradicting?

    While it is a common belief that the PS3 is a more powerful unit, it is not. Both companies took a SLIGHTLY different approach to achieve the SAME goal. Neither is more powerful than the other, and like you said in terms of graphics there is really no difference. This differs with exclusives however. But if you are buying a console to play one game, thats a waste of money.

    The simple answer is, neither. Dont buy either. Both are about worthless right now and I wouldnt pay more than $50 for either console. They are far outdated and not worth what they continue to retail for.

    Unless you can find a used one for around $100, dont waste your money. Just wait for the next generation of consoles. They are right around the corner.....
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  12. epidemik

    epidemik Active Member

    A big part of it that I overlooked when I chose my system was what my friends had.

    Most of the guys on my floor at college has 360s so they're playing together and I'm left out in the cold on the PS3.

    That said, I still think I made the right choice going with PS3 because I use it primarily for blu-ray and netflix. If I had an xbox, I definitely wouldn't play online enough to justify paying for xbox live but then I'd also not be able to watch netflix with it so PS3 was the better choice for me.

    I would echo what G80FTW said, at this point, used is probably your best bet. I wouldn't say next gen is "just around the corner" but they are well on their way. The next xbox is rumored to come out about a year from now (October 2013) in time for Christmas. The next PS would probably be around that time too.
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  13. Sexy_Beast

    Sexy_Beast New Member

    I have an Xbox 360 and I personally prefer it due to all of my friends having it, and now there is an equal price in the two, it comes down to what your friends have. The biggest con of the Xbox 360 is the subscription to Xbox Live, however on games like Call of Duty, and other games, they receive the DLC before PSN, or none at all (like Skyrim for example). PS3's have Blu-Ray but Xbox allows reading of more external hard drives. (Yes this comment is bias)
  14. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    Not contradicting at all. a GTX 690 is more powerful than an 8600GT, but both will play Tetris with the same graphics quality ;)

    Used is a good idea, it is what I did with my 360 and PS3, however I think a year or more away for either next gen console (rumour has it announcement at E3 2013, so the earliest is October-November 13, but I would say after that, likely 2014 some time would be my wild guess), that isn't "round the corner" at all

    Erm what? I can use any external media on my PS no problem
  15. G80FTW

    G80FTW Active Member

    Its not that way though:

    As I said, while both companies took a slightly different approach to their hardware setups, both systems are nearly identical in terms of graphic processing power. The PS3 may have the upper hand with its processor, but its GPU is lacking. Which is where most of your graphics will be processed. Which is why developers for the PS3, after long enough, had to try and make more use of the PS3s processor which they had a hard time doing.

    Any game aside from your exclusives, will look exactly the same on both consoles. And then with the exclusives you again have different artistic approaches to the graphics so you cannot exactly compare them side by side.

    For me, a year is right around the corner. I wouldnt waste my money on an 8 year old piece of hardware that is overpriced when I could save my money and just buy the next set of consoles in less than 12 months.
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  16. Masterfulks

    Masterfulks New Member

    I don't think the OP is an early adopter of tech as indicated by just now trying to decide between what's out now.

    He could find either system for not a huge price and get a good number of games to keep him busy over the next two years. I tend to like for systems to be out for at least a year before I dive in. Some of the bugs should be worked out and there will be more games to choose from with a chance to get a better system.

    If they put out some great games for the first round then my opinion might change. My PC will keep me busy with anything that comes out during the first year or so.

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