Question Best way to update drivers on Lenovo Yoga 720 ?


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Hello all,
(hope this is the proper place to post this, was not sure)

I've recently reinstalled windows 10 on my Yoga 720-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80x7 (to be exact ;) , bought in 2017 or 18' and am wondering if and how should I update my drivers.
This is a laptop made for work - audio editing and live performance so I try to keep it as stable and as clean as possible. I think I'd like to skip vantage and not to have something excess on my machine. especially the kind that likes to run in the backround.
The drivers listed on the Lenovo site are from 2018 tops. Should I download some drivers from straight from the manufacturer ? e.g. NVIDIA or Intel?
Most importantly: should I download any additional drivers at all? everything seems to be working fine right now. there are some unkown devices in the device manager but I havn't encountered any problem so far.
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I would try and find the drivers for the unknown devices - these will probably be on the lenovo website. If you have trouble determining what they are, right click on the unknown device, properties, details, and google the hardware id



Windows does a pretty good job of finding the best drivers, I would personally just get the missing ones from Lenovo or if you can find more up to date ones elsewhere get those. Initially use the Lenovo automatic scan tool to try and identify the missing driver
Lenovo system update tool
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Just download the Lenovo Service Bridge and have the system auto-detect the drivers for your system and download them from the Lenovo support site. When you're done just uninstall Lenovo Service Bridge.


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Hi guys, late reply.

thanks for the help. eventually I had to re-reinstall because of something so i checked with all these detection tools and saved the drivers for alter.