RAID Controllers/Cards


Lets talk RAID controllers for a minute here. I'm hearing what to watch out for when buying a RAID controller for my desktop PC (software, fakeRAID, Hardware). I don't want to get into all the different RAID configurations (1,0,10,5,6,12,60,50...etc). I just want to simply talk about the RAID controller/card itself. Forget about what I'm going to use it for.

My goal is to find a RAID controller for my desktop that is a "real" RAID controller and not software or fakeRAID.

How do I find such a controller? That not like I can go onto or and filter my searches on the column to the left and check off "hardware RAID only controllers".

So far I've heard different ways to identify if the RAID controller is "real" (hardware) or not.

  • If it costs $300.00 or more
  • If it has 2GB RAM in it.
That just sounds goofy to just go on these facts. How do you define if the RAID card is "real" (hardware)?