RCA Cambria


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I have been using a laptop computer in my motorhome for several years to display engine operating parameters and a GPS. The GPS is displayed on the laptop screen. The engine data is displayed on a separate 7-inch USB monitor. The engine data is extracted from the vehicle CAN bus by a Silverleaf JIB and transmitted to the PC via a USB port and displayed by Silverleaf software.

Now that virtually all GPS has gone to Internet, I have discontinued using the GPS puck and will use an iPad. For engine data, I purchased a RCA Cambria to reduce driver area clutter, however have been unable to configure the USB monitor, nor the comm port for the JIB. I have activated comm 3 and the Silverleaf software recognizes the port, however cannot connect. The fault message is "JIB to USB Failure" Since the RCA has only 1 USB port, I have connected a hub.

So, if anyone can tell me how to activate the monito and/or the USB port, I would be extremely happy.