Recommend me a Graphics Card around £150


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Due to the problems I had with the ASUS Radeon RX 570 ROG Strix 8GB, I ended up sending it back to the supplier for a refund.

I'm open to suggestion but I wanted something around the same performance as the ASUS Radeon RX 570 ROG Strix 8GB.

Preferably with a combination of 3 HDMI/DVI/VGA Inputs but if it doesnt and has DisplayLink then I could always get an adapter.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 GAMING OC 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card?
ASUS Radeon AREZ Dual RX 580 8GB OC Graphics Card?
ASUS Radeon RX 580 Dual 8GB GPU?
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