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    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could recommend a laptop for me. I'm going to use it for programming, Autodesk, robot usb power, physics simulations and maybe some gaming. I have a PC so this is mostly for on the go. These are some things I would like: (!!! is no compromises, ! is essential, + is would like)

    1.Lightweight (carrying it around a lot) (+)

    2.Good battery life (last a day of medium use) (!/+)

    3.Simple professional non gamer design (used in science fairs and competitions) (!!!)

    4.Good enough specs to compile code and run Autodesk and simulations smoothly (has GPU) (!!!)

    5. $1000 = max preferably 600-800 (!!!)

    6. SSD or hybrid (+)

    7. less than 16 inches preferably 14 -15 (!)

    Ive been considering
    (Both i7 and i5)
    (Only i5)

    Do you have any better ideas/ which one of these is better?

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