Recommend me a micro atx case

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    i need to transfer some parts from and old SFF PC due to failure of PSU and want to add SSD
    Please recommend me a micro atx case.
    Due to the depth of the desk, it need to be less than 440mm depth. I don't want it sticking out.

    1. £50 or under
    2. min. 1 x external 5.25" bay. My mum still use DVD.
    3. min. 1 x 2.5" internal + 1 x 3.5" internal
    4. full height slot
    5. dust filter (a must)
    6. No LED fan if possible.
    7. less than 440mm depth.
    8. at least one case fan included.

    CM MasterBox Lite 3 & Silverstone PS08 is on top of my list
    I wonder if you can think of any other cases.

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