Recovering lost photo's?

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Is there a solution to recover lost/deleted photo's?

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  1. dinovanhauwaert

    dinovanhauwaert New Member


    My grandpa has a problem. He has been traveling and took pictures, at the end of the trip his photos were suddenly from his memory card, an XD Olympus memory card. Now I have already tried some "data recovery" programs but they can not retrieve the lost photos while claiming to be able to.

    Can it really? And if so, how then? If it really does not, then let's be it but as long as there is hope ...;)

    Thank you!
  2. _Glitch

    _Glitch Active Member

    Have you tried recuva? Properly the best free recovering tool.
  3. dinovanhauwaert

    dinovanhauwaert New Member

    Yes, I tried Recuva as well, but result was none.
  4. _Pete_

    _Pete_ Active Member

    I tried Recuva and it didn't work although it was the free version. I lost about 100 gigs of stuff when I, stupidly by mistake, formatted my storage drive. Luckily I only did a quick format. I paid for Seagate File recovery for Windows and that did recover 90% of my files that included a vast amount of family photographs. Unfortunately there are no guarantees with any of this stuff. There are paid for, expensive, companies that will do file recovery, again with no guarantees. Seagate is one company who do offer a file recovery service other than their program but I suspect that they will only do it for their own storage products.
  5. dinovanhauwaert

    dinovanhauwaert New Member

    Thanks for the message. I hope someone will have the answer but I think it's only possible like what yo usaid, with companies that are specified in such things.
  6. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    So all the photos are gone? Does the memory card show the full size it should be? So if its an 8gb card, does it show the full 8gb available?

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