Repair MS .doc file from Mac


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I have an MS .doc file (note NOT .docx) that's become corrupted. I'm using a Mac but it won't open the file either in Pages or Preview. I've also tried opening it in Libre office but, again. it can't open it.

I've used Stellar Recover to recover the .doc although it's not the recovery that's the problem, it's the corruption of the file and, again, it can't fix it.

Has anyone got any suggestions to fix the corrupted file - I don't want to pay for new software?

Thanks in advance


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Are you sure the file is corrupted? Perhaps it's simply too old to be opened in a recent word processor. Does "MS .doc" refer to Microsoft Word? There were many revisions of that program that dealt with different .DOC file formats.

If the file truly is corrupted you could open it in an hex editor to see what's still in there, if anything. I don't know anything about the file format but perhaps some formatting and text could be retrieved. Maybe someone knowledgeable could repair it.