Replacing 2 hard drives on Raid 1


I have a PC windows 10 someone made. It has 2 hard drives configured Raid 1. The mother board supports raid. I want to replace both drives with new ones. I have never dealt with this before.

My thought was to replace one and it will copy over automatically to the new drive. Then do the same with the other drive. But not sure if this will work.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Remove 1 drive and the raid will automatically sync to the new drive. Then take out the other and and do the same thing. You may have to extend the partitions afterwards if the drive is much larger then the old one. I used to run raid 1 back in the day.


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Yeah replacing one at a time would be advisable, once the rebuild completes then you should be able to replace the other one.

If they're larger capacity drives wait until you have both new ones mirrored up before you expand the partition.