Repurposing Easy Bloom Plant Sensor

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by iKokomo, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. iKokomo

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    I just got an easy bloom plant sensor cheap from a thrift store and when I got it home, I found out the website was shut down so therefore it does not work.
    My question is, the unit itself works, and it has a ton of sensors and things that work in the unit, but since the software / website is dead, this unit is effectively dead.

    Is there a way to get the data off of this unit so I can use it without the software? Is there a hack / modification out there that I can use?

    If not, that is fine, only 3 bucks, but it seems like a waste. It is a nice, working piece of tech that can be used by my wife in the garden if I can get the data off.

    Thanks a lot!

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  2. Okedokey

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    The software is available on the internet ( i had a look), but just be careful where you get it from, and scan it for any viruses etc before executing. The hardware is just simple sensors that could be re purposed, but probably into something similar where moisture etc is monitored?

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