(RETIRED) Sticky: Official CPU-Z Benchmark Thread


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Using my backup CPU while I wait another couple days for my new mobo/ram... This thing is sad to say the least.

I'm not sure if this scoring is the same as in 2017 when I did 2435 & 9485 on my i5-6600K.. if it is, it explains clearly why I can barely run Rocket League at 30FPS on Low.


EDIT: new motherboard and RAM are installed, i5-6600K @4.5GHz is back. :cool:

I think 537.8 on the Single Thread Test puts me at #4 on an updated leaderboard!

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Oh baby that score.

Honestly no, I'm kinda over all this. If somebody else wants to take it over they're welcome to. I have the files still knocking around somewhere....