Riot Vanguard


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so i decided I would download Valorant and give it a go.

the file was about 13gigs, after installing i realized half of the file, about 6.2GB was actually an anti cheat program called Riot Vanguard.

as soon as the install was finished it says it needs a restart to get this Vanguard thhing working correctly.

so i press restart and boom, i'm hit with a BsoD. (blue screen)
the computer shut it self back down, and spent almost 15 minutes on the boot up screen(dell logo) before i decided to just turn it off, wait a minute and turn it back on.

I got it back on, and tried to uninstall both the game and the anti cheat program and was told my C drive was damaged and needed to be scanned and repaired.

after about 4 hours i think i've got everything back to normal.

sure enoug though i google "valorant BLUE SCREEN" and there are about a million other people that ahve gone through it.

anyway i deleted everything related to Valorant/Vanguard and hope my computer is okay.

WTF riot games?!

I ran a virus check on the entire computer. did the C: disk scan/repair.

is there anythign else i should/can do? i'm freaking out over here this is my brand new computer.


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Do yourself a favor and do a fresh install of windows. May take time but will make sure your system is clean of unwanted software.


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I don't think a full reinstall is really necessary. Your C drive complained about needing to be scanned just as a precaution because you hard shut it down after it crashed and was hung booting. Doing disk scan/repair was the same thing all over again.

I've heard Vanguard anticheat sucks but haven't used it myself. Nuking your whole install seems a bit overkill though. System restore point maybe before the install but sounds like you've checked everything and it'll be fine.