Rsync hanging


Rsync has been successfully run for quite a few years on a Debian system. The home directory has been
regularly transferred to a FAT32 USB drive.

Recently, rsync has been hanging.

Rsync just hangs at a particular small file that it gets to and doesn't move on - no
error message, so it doesn't crash, it just hangs.

The command is of the form :-

rsync -v -a --max-size=4GB --delete /home/users-name/.

where users-name is the name of the user.

Can anyone help to solve this problem, please ?


Staff member
It could be something related to the usb being FAT32. If it's a hard link, or something else that FAT does not support, that would do it.


Would using NTFS rather than FAT32 help ?

I would use ext4 but the files may need to be read on a Windows system.


Rsync has been run okay on a new FAT32 stick, using the command i previously reported.

(a) I propose to put all the files on the current new stick
into a new directory (using mv *.* backup-dir) outside of my
home directory and then run rsync again on the stick.

Presumably the new run of rsync would delete backup-dir
(as this doesn't exist in my home directory) and then just
copy over all the home directory files again to the stick.

Would rsync run okay on the same stick using step (a) on a periodic basis ?