Same external hard drive for PS5 and PC

Hey fellas. So I bought the external hard drive below for my PS5 as an external storage. Now I am running low on hard drive on my PC so I disconnected the HD from PS5 and connected it to my PC. However my PC does not detect the HD. I tried all the USB ports on my PC and none of them works. My phone and other devices do connect to my PC so I know that my PC works. I wanted to know if I can use the same HD for both my PS5 and PC or not. I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks.



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I'm guessing the drive is formatted to something that windows can't read natively. Do you know what format the drive is in? Is it usb extended storage? If so windows won't read that.


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They use different file systems. The PS OS is based on BSD and doesn't use NTFS or FAT32, so your Windows system can't natively read it.

If you want to use it for the PC you could wipe the file system and reformat it into NTFS for computer use, but it would lose all of your playstation data on it. There may be a way to partition it in half where the PS5 could read the first one and you could NTFS the second one, but that would be experimental and comparatively advanced.